Legal Information

The aim of this page is to provide the legal information about the products and services (the "Services") of the PXL APPS company. In accordance with the law, we invite you to read the following documents.

Terms of Use

This document describes the rules you accept when using our Services.

Privacy Policy

This document explains what information we collect, why, and how we use it. It also specifies how to review and update them.

Legal FAQ

This document provides a list of frequently asked questions related to our Policies, as well as their answers.


This document describes our copyright policy, and explains how to report an alleged violation.

Cookie Policy

This document explains what a cookie is, what types of cookies we use, and why. It also specifies how to manage them.


This document describes the exclusions of warranties and limitations of liability of our Services.

About our Services

Editor: PXL APPS (SAS)
Head Office: 20 Place de la Liberté - 59100 ROUBAIX (FRANCE)
Capital: € 500
RCS Lille Métropole: 799 704 515
VAT Number: FR 44 799 704 515
President: Brahim RECHDI
Publishing Director: Brahim RECHDI
Hosts: OVH, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 ROUBAIX (FRANCE)
Scaleway SAS, BP 438 - 75366 Paris CEDEX 08 (FRANCE)